Jeff Arthur Studio’s “Live Real-Time Video Conference Jingle Presentations”

Using video conferencing through Skype, we are able to provide the fastest most efficient tool to close more business. There’s no over head, travel or accommodation costs and most importantly the freedom of scheduling. We work with your clients schedule so meeting cancellations are virtually disposed of because they’re making the appointment to accommodate their schedule and Jeff Arthur Studios is always available.

It begins with one or more of our team having a short client needs analysis discussion with you and your client. We perform a live version of the creative we believe will best brand your client’s business and set them apart from the rest of the clutter in the broadcast market. “Top of mind brand awareness”

What makes it so successful? We are the pioneers in Video Jingle Presentations and the client is part of the entire creative process so what they see and hear during the presentation is something they’ve actually helped to create. Using video conferencing we’re able to provide the fastest most efficient tool to close more business.

It’s a simple face to face meeting that’s done on almost any desk top, laptop, iPad or tablet computer. It’s so efficient because the meeting can be done at your clients’ place of business; at your station or basically ANYWHERE provided a good internet connection is available.

Whatever your client is most comfortable with.

Video Conference Jingle Presentations with Jeff Arthur Studios

We Make You Unforgettable!